Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

AO3 Mirroring Complete

I recently mirrored my last existing fanfiction (stories and poems) from my own fansite to my AO3 account, and wound them all back to their original dates.  (This has been my main fanfic activity for months! Little reading and less writing, just archiving.)  Now comes the task of mirroring in reverse, because of course I edited as I went.  (I tinker whenever snags reveal themselves.)  It turns out that I have 76 total works from April 1996 to the present, 60 of those in FK and 7 in HL.

Merfilly recently posted her thousandth work to the AO3.  We usually play in different sandboxes, but that gulf did strike me.  I'm not as productive as most people.  (What makes for high-quality prolificity?)

I wonder whether I should tag my '96-'99 pieces "juvenilia."  Someone remarked recently that her early works embarrassed her, which made me wonder whether mine should embarrass me.  Some are indeed green!  (If you do tag for "juvenilia," where do you draw your line, and why?)

The last item I loaded happened to be "Nice to Remember" (PG, ~4K, 2006).  I wrote it for TV-Elf's birthday years ago; it caps this project in her birthday month now.  (It's not one of my best, but TV-Elf said it amused her, so it wins.)  Coincidentally, that story attempted Schanke and Janette interaction, as does my (rather better, I suspect) most recent FK story, "Malicious Mischief" (PG, ~9K, 2011).

Even with all the reverse mirroring to be done, it's time and past for me to be on to new things — in fanfic, and elsewhere.

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