Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

FK Recs Project Format Modernized

My Forever Knight recommendation-of-the-month project is now remodeled!  I hope that readers will find it more appealing and easier to use.

As you may remember, earlier this year, I hauled most of my FK fansite out of the pre-CSS darkness, but the recommendations project got left behind in its maze of interlocking framesets.  I finally gave up on preserving every permutation of external links that people might have made over the years, and settled down with a single, fixed-position menu.  (No link to an individual recommendation/anchor has broken! It's the annual framesets — one level up — that went.)  If the recs menu doesn't appear as a gray box on the left the first time you load the page, and you're not still using IE6 (which you shouldn't be doing, anyway; old browsers are security vulnerabilities; but if you are, the menu should appear at the bottom), perhaps try clicking "refresh" to be sure to pick up the new CSS file?  Otherwise, if you happen to notice any malfunctions in the recommendations, please let me know!  (I've tested on IE 9, Firefox 7 and Safari 5 from a Windows PC. I don't have access to a Mac.)

If you're inspired with ways to make the site overall more accessible and more appealing, please share those as well!  Point me to examples!  I'd be grateful.  Not every subsidiary page is yet updated, but I'll get there.  I'm striving for a thoroughly modern fansite, with an up-to-date look and functionality as far as I can push my skills and tools.  I would like to eventually wipe out all traces of a '90s relic site; they don't do any credit to FK's ongoing appeal... not to mention to me as a designer. :-)

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