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FK Recently: What You Guys Have Been Up To (10/01/11-10/31/11)

We've had slim Forever Knight pickings recently, in my corners of social journaling:

Ficathons, Fests and Communities

I did not see any new FK fanfic on LJ or DW in October.  One work of FK on the AO3 currently shows October 2011 publication (but it's just another old story by me; I'll re-date it to its correct vintage in a week or so).

Meta (Chatter and Essays)

  • 10/20: [personal profile] merfilly announced that her thousandth piece on AO3 will be a HL/FK crossover.
  • 10/03: [Locked] said that she contracted a plot bunny from a fkficfest drabble.
  • 10/03: [Locked] discussed creating FK graphics and archiving recent FK pieces to a personal website.


  • 10/22: [Locked] mentioned GWD's upcoming Pensacola Shakespeare Theatre event, and also his Taming of the Shrew DVD.
  • 10/18: pj1228 reported that GWD will play Shakespeare's Cymbeline and Wilder's Malachi Stack in The Matchmaker in 2012.
  • 10/14: pj1228 reviewed the 2011 Stratford production of Camelot, with GWD as King Arthur.
  • 10/09: pj1228 reviewed the 2011 Stratford production of The Merry Wives of Windsor, with GWD as Falstaff, NB as Doctor Caius and Andrew Gillies (Feliks Twist) as Sir Hugh Evans.

Chiller has no FK scheduled for November or December.  (This is extra disappointing, because they had previously listed one November airing.)

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