Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

The Ficathon Busy Season is Upon Us

  • oldschoolfic, the community for canceled fandoms, is currently polling for the timing of their annual winter exchange ficathon.  (At this time, "due after the winter holidays" leads with 73%.)  I've played every game they've had to date, and plan on playing again this time.  (I've written FK, HL and BtVS there; I've also listed myself for YB, original BSG, BATB, Doctor Quinn, MotG, BallyK, and some animated series.)

  • [community profile] last_writes, the community for canceled vampire fandoms, is running its second annual "Trick or Treatise" fest throughout October.  The prompts are recycled from last year, which means that all the FK prompts were submitted by, well, me.  Sorry about that.

  • HL did qualify for the next xover_exchange game; FK did not.  Sign-ups close on 10/10 at 10PM Central Time.

  • amilyn created a new fiction community: tropeathon.  Their first game is "pretending to be married/undercover as lovers."  At first, that didn't sound like any of my fandoms, but gnosticdiva submitted a Nick/Natalie prompt, and it occurred to me that there's no reason that Nick&Tracy wouldn't work, and in HL there are always flashbacks...

  • femgenficathon is officially closed for 2011, but is laid-back about late submissions; some are still expected.  I'll have recommendations for stories from this game as soon as the masterlist goes up.  Nothing was submitted in FK or HL, unfortunately — my own story was YB — but the pieces I've read there have all been thoughtful and diligent, and a few have been inspired and amazing.

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