Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

September/October Ficathons Signal Boost

[personal profile] spook_me/spook_me, the pick-your-fandom prompt-style Halloween challenge, is open for 2011.  Sign-ups are 9/06-9/15; stories are due and will be released on 10/26.

girlsavesboyfic, a pick-your-fandom ficathon that runs with or without prompts, as you choose, is open for 2011.  Sign-ups are 9/01-9/09; stories are due and will be released from 10/01-10/14.

I will not be writing for either, personally — I have to finish my femgenficathon story, among other things — but I'd love to get to read some FK in either of them!  (Or HL or YB. Or whatever ignites your imagination... and mine. ~g~)

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Tags: fest:femgenficathon, fest:girlsavesboyfic, fest:spookme, ficathons&fests

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