Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

Couple Faction Names

Did the list ever generate serious couple faction designations for Lacroix/Janette and Lacroix/Urs?  I think someone wanted to use "Dark Hearts" for Lacroix/Janette for a while, but I don't know whether it caught on.  And was "Lonely Hearts" supposed to be Lacroix/Urs or Vachon/Urs, and what's the name for the other?  It's just something that's been tickling the back of my brain, not quite breaking through.  Lacroix/Janette is rare, but Lacroix/Urs had a period of common assumption.

Known Established Designations
Nick/Natalie N&Npack N&N
Nick/Janette Immortal Beloved IB
Nick/Lacroix Unnamed Faction UF
Nick/Urs Les Miserables
Nick/Vachon Heartbreaker
Natalie/Lacroix Valentine
Natalie/Janette Nanette
Lacroix/Janette Dark Heart ?
Lacroix/Urs Lonelyheart ?
Tracy/Vachon T+Vpack T+V
Vachon/Urs ?
Schanke-Janette LaCroissant

For the purposes of tagging this LJ, I've been using the couple factions to designate any significant intersection of the two characters.  For example, I'm using the "UF" tag for both Unnamed Faction (Nick/Lacroix) and Cousins of the Knight (Nick-Lacroix) content, and "N&N" for both friendship and romance.

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