Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

I'm Mirroring on the AO3

I am slowly mirroring my fanfiction on my AO3 account.

I've archived my fanfiction on my own fansite since 1999, and I have not given permission for others to archive my work elsewhere in many, many years.  (Everywhere that I know my stuff is up outside my editing access, I have asked to have it taken down. Please don't rush to tell me where my stuff is still up unless you can get it down or edited. I probably know, and the subject upsets me.)  I fervently prefer to have my fanworks only where I can directly access them for editing typos, updating nom de plumes and so on, and of course that technology did eventually come into use a few years back, but I remained cautious.  After much reflection, and testing the settings, I find that I feel comfortable with the AO3 as I have not with any other collective archive in a long, long time.  It'll be okay.  (Fingers crossed.)

It will take some time to mirror all my fanfiction.  I'm loading old stories with the current date as the publishing date, leaving them that way for a few days so that they get an opportunity to show up at the top of lists, and then winding the publishing date back to their real vintage for the correct progression.  I mirrored my FKFicFest ones first, then HL, then ones that happened to be set at holidays; that's where it rests now.

My own site is still the place with my illustrations, timelines, recommendations, and so on, as well as all my stories. :-)

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