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13 August 2011 @ 09:16 am
HL_FlashFic "Second Banana" Ficathon  
The [community profile] hl_flashfic/hl_flashfic 2011 "Second Banana" ficathon — celebrating HL characters besides Connor, Duncan, Methos, Joe, Richie and Amanda — has released.  Participation is thin, with just three stories on time and one extension granted.

My contribution is "When Everything Was New" (PG, gen, ~5K words; LJ / DW).  It stars Tessa, supported by Duncan, Alexa and Martin Sorrel (from "Eyewitness"), plus uncredited cameos by Joe, Richie, Charlie and Anne, at the 1986 Seacouver Art and Wine Festival.  My thanks to [personal profile] sholio and [personal profile] skieswideopen for beta help!

The other stories posted on time are "A Watcher's Prerogative" by jinxed_wood (PG, gen; ~2K; Nick, Methos, Joe), and "Dexter's Progress" by [personal profile] idontlikegravy (PG13, gen; ~2K; Dexter, Amanda).

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