Amy R. (brightknightie) wrote,
Amy R.

LJ's Ongoing Issues and FKFicFest

LiveJournal's continued technical difficulties worry me that fkficfest/[community profile] fkficfest authors are seeing their stories neglected.  (DW readers can view the DW posts and cross-links to LJ, but often can't get into LJ; many LJ readers can't view anything at all.)  Feedback never goes stale!  Whenever you do get to read their stories, please consider dropping a quick acknowledgment of their hard work.

Haven't had time for the fest yet?  Totally understandable!  Tell me what you like in FK, and I'll do my best to identify a tale in this year's game that will satisfy you, specifically!  We've got history, mystery, adventure, humor... all are enthusiastic and some are exquisite.

My own contribution, "Malicious Mischief" (PG, gen, ~9K words; Schanke, Janette, Nick, Natalie, Miklos, Alma, Grace), written for sholio's prompt, released yesterday on Dreamwidth, and was honored with a rec from Celli.  The story generously written for my prompt, "New Partners" (G, gen ~3K words; Tracy, Nick, Reese, Natalie) by twilight2000, dropped the day before that, on LiveJournal.  My thanks to twilight2000!  (Interestingly, hers is the first major Tracy role in this year's game so far.)

Tags: fanfic:who:forme, foreverknight:fkficfest, recommendation:ofme

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