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01 January 2008 @ 11:43 am
FK Recommendation January 2008  
What's good?  Happy new year!  To kick off the recommendation-of-the-month project for 2008, hearts_blood generously let me feature her uplifting "Carpe Noctem" (2003), a first-season, flying, friendship, movie-night, N&N, song-challenge story.

What's new?  In December 2007 on fkfic-l, we received a bounty of new fanfiction the like of which the good old list has not seen in a single month in years.  Seven new stories (including one ongoing work-in-progress) posted.
  • "Revenge" (1 Part) by Ell H.
  • "Car-Sin-Ogenic" (1 Part) by Walt D.
  • "Victorian Christmas with Lacroix" (1 Part) by Laurie of the Isles
  • "Catch-22" (1 Part) by abby82
  • "A Christmas Eve Conversation" (1 Part) by Walt D.
  • "Singing Up the Sun" (3 Parts) by Nancy K.
  • "To Light the Darkness" (WIP 6+) by Kristen F.
What a windfall of fanfiction!