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Amy R.
16 October 2016 @ 02:56 pm
I'm reminded that it's past time for a "recently in FK" bulletin post. Oops! Maybe soon.

In the meantime, I wanted you to know that dlyt has posted 2 new FK stories inspired by FKFicFest!
  • "Quest for Lunch" (G, gen; 1,253 words; Schanke & Nick) was inspired by one of her recipient's ([personal profile] lastscorpion) other FKFicFest prompts.
  • "Resistance Is Futile" (G, m/f; 1,067 words; Natalie/Nick) is a generous, thoughtful — and unnecessary! don't get a mistaken idea! ;-) — thank-you to me for moderating FKFicFest.
Dlyt, and everyone, you're very welcome for my part in the fest. We could never do it without all of us together!

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Amy R.
14 October 2016 @ 11:52 pm
I'm loving the badge bonuses from the latest Pokémon Go update. I've leveled up pretty far, and facing 300 CP pidgies who wouldn't settle down in anything less than an ultraball was getting frustrating (as well as absurd: pidgies!).

Everyone knows about this, right? All those type badges we've been accumulating now grant catch probability bonuses for their type of pokémon. We know that it's +1 bronze, +2 silver, and +3 gold — and that dual-type pokémon average your badges for their types — but I haven't personally seen the exact math set out yet.

I did succeed in setting my ~900 CP hitmonchan in a gym tonight, after picking up my snail mail. If you're training up that gym, be sure to field a squad where all 6 have ~450 CP or less, so that you get maximum experience and prestige against her (it's calculated from the highest in the squad now), and then flee before the snorlax stomps you. :-) I recommend fairy and flying types for training against a fighting type!

If you're battling the gym to take it for another team, though, leave my hitmonchan alone. ;-)

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Amy R.
11 October 2016 @ 10:07 pm
Tired of seeing the same pokémon in every gym? I am! Want to do something about it? Let's diversify! The next time that you take a gym, consider popping in your cool, weird, cute, rare, well-loved pokémon, instead of always those with the very highest CP. Everyone has memorized the type advantages for arcanine and exeggutor by now. But do they know what to field against your awesome starmie?

Yesterday, after work, the gym across the street belonged to my team, so I trained it up and installed my wigglytuft! On Sunday, the gym near my church hosted my porygon! I've put my golem and machamp in gyms. Next, I'm looking for an opportunity to show off my hitmonchan!

Of course everyone plays PokéGo in different ways, finding amusement in different aspects; I'm not suggesting abandoning any gameplay that's bringing happiness! But I am a bit tired of all the arcanines and snorlaxes stacked five deep around here. And with the recent update by which pokémon that you see in gyms get added to your "Seen" count, it's more fun than ever to exhibit your rare catches (and hatches) in gyms, knowing you're contributing to pokédexes! Also, of course, though I haven't gotten this update yet, myself, the imminent change to training, where you field a squad and the defenders normalize to match your trainer level, makes having the highest CP in the gym slightly less relevant? Or perhaps I think that only because I live in an urban area where gyms change hands often, so I get in, collect my defender bonus, and wait to welcome my fainted pokémon home. To hold a gym for more than an hour or two, even with my strongest, I need to go hiking...

Credit: I picked up this idea from Trainer Tips Nick, one of my favorite YouTubers (and definitely my favorite pokéYouTuber). So far, it is indeed amusing me. :-) If it might amuse you, too, give it a try!

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Amy R.
08 October 2016 @ 07:37 am
You may remember that we pushed this year's FKFicFest later in the year, trying to get it out of the path of an all-consuming product launch at my workplace. As Murphy's Law would have it, they ended up unfolding simultaneously anyway. I'm exhausted. I've barely slept in weeks. Today, when I could finally have slept in, I still woke up early. :-) My blood-caffeine level may take a while to normalize. ;-)

Next year, if people want to play again, maybe we can play in May, June, or early July? Those seem the wiser direction to move, to avoid what I'm guessing will be a parallel product launch next year.

Just thinking ahead...

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Amy R.

The annual hlh_shortcuts exchange game is accepting sign-ups through October 9, 2016 (Eastern Time). I've never played in this game, but I always read it!


  • Sign-ups close: 10/09/16
  • Assignments sent: By 10/11/16
  • Submission deadline: 12/15/16
  • Releasing: 12/20/16.

Historically, this game has been played on LiveJournal only, with players emailing their stories to the mod, who posts them second-hand on LJ. This year, the mod says that she may set up to use the AO3 instead, but it doesn't look like that's certain yet.

Minimum length: only 500 words.

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Amy R.
04 October 2016 @ 10:34 pm
And so we arrive at the very last story in this year's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest. It's not a sad farewell, but a funny one!

Today's story offers a humorous series of increasingly questionable choices, when it's Stonetree's precinct's turn to host the annual police raffle...

Tomorrow: the masterlist to close the game.

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Amy R.
03 October 2016 @ 10:35 pm
Believe it or not, this year's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest is almost over! Tuesday will bring the last new story. Wednesday will bring the closing ceremonies.

Catching up:
  • Sunday's story is by [personal profile] greerwatson for one of the prompts I submitted, myself: "The big, red-carpet premiere of the Alix Logan movie that's being filmed in the second-season episode "Amateur Night." (Could be set before, after, or instead of "Black Buddha, Part 1.")"
  • Monday's story is by [personal profile] melissatreglia for one of the prompts [personal profile] greerwatson submitted: "A cop's life, a cop's ... spouse."
I didn't mean to schedule the 2 Schanke stories one after the other! Oops. I was actually trying to space out our pairing stories, as we had only 3 this in this big gen year.

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Amy R.
I posted this in a Pokémon Go community and haven't yet seen an answer. I thought perhaps it wouldn't hurt to cross-post here:

This is doubtless a basic question to those who've played all the mainline Pokémon games! But I'm just beginning to learn about type advantages.

What's the difference between "strong against" and "resistant to" (and "weak against" and "vulnerable to") in the Pokémon Go type advantages? (For example, normal types are "strong against" no types, but are "resistant to" ghost types. For another example, ice types are both "weak against" and "resistant to" other ice types!

References: the Silph Road (massive spreadsheet), Eurogamer (simple table)

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Amy R.
01 October 2016 @ 10:13 am
I was so tired after work last night that I forgot to mention yesterday's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest story here! But of course everyone should be following on the DW or LJ communities, or the AO3 itself, or on ForKni-L, all of which I did remember.

So Friday's story, #5 of 9, is short a Nick and Natalie novelty, and today's, #6 of 9, is a longer Nick/Lacroix tale that I haven't yet read.

Please come look for stories that you and people you know might enjoy! Please consider telling your friends and followers about the fest!

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Amy R.
29 September 2016 @ 10:41 pm
Thursday's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest story release (4 of 9) is our first 'ship story of the year, and the longest story so far revealed. If a Nick/Lacroix story is your cup of Ribena, check it out! If you know a UFer who hasn't yet tuned in to the fest, turn her on to this!

As a reminder, authors can choose to change the posting date of their stories to the date that they release in the fest to boost them to the top of the AO3's FK list at that time. I don't know for sure that this helps gain pageviews, but I want every FKFicFest writer to get every hit available!

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