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Amy R.
03 May 2015 @ 12:10 pm
The 2015 [community profile] rarelywritten collection went live on the AO3 overnight. We have 93 stories in 112 fandoms!

I haven't yet read any, but I have now popped three onto my Kindle and plan to go enjoy them. (BTW, when you upgrade to Kindle Voyage from Kindle 2nd-gen? Porting AO3 content by app is actually faster and easier than by USB.)


We have three Forever Knight stories! Two were written in reply to my request, because [ profile] merfilly (Janette, "An Interlude in the Family," ~1.2K) very generously picked up the pinch hit when pneumonia took out [ profile] greerwatson (Urs, "Out of the Night that Covers Me," ~4.7K), who, to her own surprise, managed to complete her story before the release after all. The third was written for Greer's request by [ profile] coralysendria (Cohen, "Echoes," ~9.0K).

No one wrote in any of my own other personally best-beloved fandoms (HL, BSG78, YB and D&DC), or most of the not-yet-canceled shows I'm currently following (PoI, Forever, OUaT, Grimm), but someone did write in Call the Midwife! Which I can't read yet for the same reason I couldn't offer it (get it together, PBS and BBC).

But people I know did write in M.A.S.H ("Four Times Looking For Love, and One Real Match" by Merfilly), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. ("Something On the Order of a Resurrection, Please?" by Medie), Agent Carter ("Stardust" by Ariestess) and The Tomorrow People (1992) ("Adventure" by LadySilver). Did I miss anyone?

Oh, and I wrote in Daniel Deronda by George Eliot (Gwendolen, "Between within and without," ~6.7K). :-)

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Amy R.
26 April 2015 @ 10:52 am
Just a quick signal-boost for fandomaid, the multi-fandom charity-auction community. They're holding a buy-it-now fundraising campaign to aid earthquake victims in Nepal.

I'm afraid that I'm too ridiculously busy to volunteer my writing for auction right now, but if someone offers fanworks in my fandoms, please let me know.

(I know that I've missed one monthly FK bulletin update already, and it looks like I'm going to be late with the next at the end of this week, but I haven't forgotten! I will catch up and fill in the blanks as soon as I can, truly. Fingers crossed and all the lucky gestures.)

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Amy R.
23 March 2015 @ 11:43 pm
If we all worked together, do you think that we might muster a roster of excellent Forever Knight fanart works sufficient for a month as a volunteer recommender on [community profile] fanart_recs? I'll do the writing and posting, if needed, if together we can gather enough worthy graphics.

FK has always been a primarily text-based fandom, in part because its heyday came and went on dial-up modems. We just didn't have the technology to share pictures. We've had artists, though! Dorothy E. painted some oil portraits. Ann L. drew the covers on my most beloved Susan G. zines. Almost every zine had some original art (heck, I inked two mediocre graphics for the Tojours Lacroix zine myself — no, seriously, I did! a Fleur portrait and a silhouetted Lacroix with a rose; I still have my original watercolor of the Fleur portrait somewhere, but goodness knows where). Remember the gentleman who drew the Forever Janette webcomic a few years ago? And Deire contributed an N&N illustration to FKFicFest in 2013!

If we could gather enough compelling art links in time, we could volunteer for the month of May, and perhaps raise interest on the way into FKFicFest sign-ups...? Just a thought.

Addendum: [community profile] fanart_recs "Intro & Rules" and "FAQs"

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Amy R.
14 March 2015 @ 11:32 am
Last week, I toyed with Forever Knight "What if?"s here on my blog at the same time that we were all together solving the exchange/challenge tie over on FKFicFest. My overlap may have accidentally implied, especially to those who've never played a challenge, that "What if?" is necessarily the form of a challenge prompt. Not at all! My apologies!

I personally think that the ideal challenge prompt — one prompt for all players, of all factions, 'ships and shades — in an FK game would look more like these examples:
  • "Just out of reach"
  • "Family by choice"
  • "Never too late"
  • "Unexpected temptation"
  • "It was worth it"
  • "Mistaken identity"
  • "Long forgotten"
  • "It's never over"
  • "Gone too far"

To expand the example, for the single common prompt "Family by choice," different FK fans might write such diverse stories as: samplesCollapse )

Or to expand another example, for the single common prompt "Never too late," different FK fans might tell completely different stories like: samplesCollapse )

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Amy R.
12 March 2015 @ 10:55 pm
The [community profile] rarelywritten ficathon assignments have arrived at last! And because I did offer in three fandoms people requested (as well as offering in best-beloved fandoms that nobody requested ~wry~), you don't know for whom I'm writing! Well, unless you're [personal profile] batdina, whom I told. ;-)

I believe that either [personal profile] argentum_ls, [personal profile] malinaldarose or [personal profile] greerwatson must have my prompts. Be kind to them. :-)

And, hey, it's not too late! Didn't sign up in time for the exchange? You can still sign up to pinch hit! Several unmatchable slates went out to the pinch-hit list by email today, seeking claimants. Judging from past years, we'll see more throughout the run of the game as people drop out.

I believe that we've hit upon a happy method for this year's [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest, but I'm hoping to gather just a few more opinions before posting a final plan this weekend.

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Amy R.
With insight from everyone who has generously commented, recommended and puzzled on the community over how [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest should optimally play this year, we're making brisk and inspired progress toward a solid plan. I almost posted a revised take on the latest idea here and now, but on reflection, I'm going to hold that at least a day, while better ideas keep arriving. This is going to work! Just a little further...

Thank you!

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Amy R.
09 March 2015 @ 11:09 pm
An anonymous person commented about Young Blades on my blog! ~glee~ Apparently, God loves me and wants me to be happy. ;-) Or something. ;-) Thank you, anonymous person! Yay, YB!

I'm waiting with the proverbial bated breath for my [community profile] rarelywritten assignment to come through. I'd really like to get started hunting ideas. Nobody but me requested Young Blades (or D&DC, HL, BSG78), so it won't be any of those. But it could be one of three things that people did request. We shall see...

(Matching takes a while even when using the AO3 engine, apparently?)

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Amy R.
I posted the 2015 [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest pre-game poll results yesterday. I'm grateful for every answer we received! Hopefully, we can play in a fun way available to everyone interested.

However, we're in the peculiar position that exchange-style and challenge-style tied. On the one hand, the tie-breaker goes to exchange, because 3 of the 4 people who said they would "definitely" write voted for exchange. On the other hand, 4 people are nowhere near enough for a happy exchange game in a fandom as factional as FK. If you have insights into this dilemma, please share them! (Community conversation is underway on the DW edition of the results.)

Just for fun, let's toss around some more FK "What if?"s! :-)
  • What if Nick or Schanke had gotten promoted to Captain?
  • What if they hadn't neutralized Vudu's bombs in time?
  • What if Natalie and Richard's parents had lived?
  • What if the asteroid hadn't been a hoax and had hit as expected?
  • What if Frank wasn't Francesca's first (or last) reincarnation/haunting to seek revenge?
  • What if Janette has more freedom than Nick because of something she knows about Lacroix?
  • What if Natalie discovered the cure and decided to withhold it from Nick?

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Amy R.
06 March 2015 @ 07:33 am
I believe that there are infinite, incredible, Forever Knight stories yet to tell, that we can still be inspired and irritated into grand new tales, just as we were during the first hiatus when we didn't know whether the series would ever come back after first season, or while second and third season canon unfurled before our eyes, or while we reacted in white heat in the aftermath of the final episodes.

Remember that we are all more interesting, more experienced, more insightful now than we were then, and then ask... "What if?"
  • What if Lacroix had never come back after Nick staked him?
  • What if the Constantine family had interfered in Janette's business?
  • What if Natalie had lost her memory (instead of Nick)?
  • What if Schanke or Tracy (or one of the Captains) had discovered Nick's secret and had taken it badly?
  • What if Emily had recovered her memories?
  • What if Alexandra had returned for another try at Nick?
  • What if Serena had achieved a cure (with or without a child)?
  • What if surviving the fever had fundamentally changed something about vampirism?
  • What happened to Nick's nephew Andre? Or Rebecca, or Lisa Cooper, or all our favorite guest stars?
  • What if another copy of the Abbarratt had surfaced?
  • What if Divia had converted more than just her father?
  • What if Nick had decided that it was time to move on from Toronto by himself, and actually did it?
I could continue, but I'm late leaving for work. ;-) Comments on Dreamwidth: comment count unavailable
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Amy R.
03 March 2015 @ 11:08 pm
[community profile] rarelywritten sign-ups seem still to be open on the AO3, so you may possibly yet slip in! But, officially, we've passed the deadline. To avoid the certainty of a single possible assignment for myself (because only Greer requested a story in any of my fandoms), I took a deep breath and also offered in two requested fandoms for which I've never even considered writing before. We shall see...

The [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest pre-game poll continues through this Friday. Do answer, if you're interested in whether, when and how we play. We're still at 4 "definitely yes" writers, but we have seen a rise to 4 "probably yes." (I'm not sure what the next steps will be if we don't have enough players for the exchange-style game that's still leading 6 to 5. This is the most votes challenge-style has ever earned, though!)

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