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Amy R.
"Dead Air" is often remembered more for its guest stars than its content. But the episode showcases certain elements of investigative technology of the day. It has first-season's wry humor. And it is rich in thematic reflections on attachment and betrayal, fidelity and independence, guilt and forgiveness, and the ability to start over.

Recap: This is the episode in which an escapee from a psychiatric hospital twice, while on the air with a radio call-in show, murders women because of unresolved issues with his mother. In flashbacks, Lacroix tortures and murders a man, with dialogue implying unresolved issues with his father. Schanke discovers the perpetrator in the hospital's files; Nick saves the radio host. In the end, the radio host leaves what she sees as degrading entertainment and returns to clinical practice.

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Next: S1E11 "Hunters" (one of the few episodes with no standard abbreviation on ForKni-L)

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Amy R.
"I Will Repay" overflows with noteworthy content to the point that it's awkward to discuss. Every scene — almost every line — merits examination. We rely on this episode; it pervades fanfic. IWR underpins our collective understanding of Natalie. It marks a boundary of our consensus on physical FK vampirism. It cross-references other episodes! Most of all, IWR exposes the jaggedness of the no-man's-land between vampirism and humanity, vengeance and justice, anger and forgiveness, where Nick endures.

Recap: This is the episode in which Crown Attorney Richard Lambert, Natalie's brother, gets shot. Natalie persuades a reluctant Nick to convert the dying Richard to vampirism. Nick consults Janette, and remembers Elizabeth, a woman he converted to save her life, but whom he later killed when she murdered humans. As a vampire, Richard becomes a vigilante spree killer, including of the vile kingpin whose prosecution failed with Richard's apparent death, and of the witness who'd attempted to deal for protection. Nick and Richard fight. Richard is killed.

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Next: S1E10: "Dead Air" (DA)

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Amy R.
#13. Recommend at least three fanworks created by others.

On this rainy Saturday, let's have some more Saturday-morning cartoons! Even though it's no longer anywhere near Saturday morning. :-) This time: fanart celebrating Dungeons & Dragons (1983-1985). I recommend...
  • ♥ Meet the gang! ♥
    The moment it all begins! Fascinated Diana, worried Sheila, defensive Eric, anxious Presto, anticipating Hank, eager Bobby...
    Digital painting: "Untitled Commission" by [deviantart.com profile] beagifted

  • Action-packed!
    This teeming panel conveys the headlong story pace. Delighted Bobby, fleeing Sheila, fierce Diana, crouching Eric, Hank in the lead and Presto trying anything...
    Pencil & ink: "Dungeons and Dragons" by [deviantart.com profile] AllPat

  • We knew invisibility cloaks before invisibility cloaks were cool!
    Is Sheila putting up her hood, or taking it down? Which cliff-face is this, of all they've faced? Yet this must be future-Sheila, with those tattoos and that determination...
    Digital painting: "Sheila from Dungeons and Dragons redesign" by [deviantart.com profile] RoBs0n

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Got any favorite D&DC fanart to rec to me?

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Amy R.

For the month of March, in my corners of social journaling, here are the Forever Knight items that I happened to see:

Ficathons, fests and communities that welcome FK

  • [community profile] nightonficmountain/ficmountain nominations are open until 11:59 PM 4/02. Sign-ups are 4/02-4/16. Stories are due 6/15.
  • wipbigbang, a challenge to finish (big!) works in progress, has sign-ups through 4/03, with rough drafts due on 6/19 and final versions on 7/10.
  • [community profile] myoldfandom/myoldfandom has its assignments out. Fanworks are due 6/10.
  • [community profile] genprompt_bingo has opened Round 10, which runs until the end of November. As always, prompts are gen, but fills may be anything.
  • [community profile] fancake is doing "cupcake rounds" this month: week-long recommendation themes.
  • [community profile] fandomweekly, a weekly ficlet challenge community with voting for reader favorites, continues.
  • [community profile] fkficfest/fkficfest hasn't yet posted its 2016 timeline (because I was sick). It will soon!
  • Recommendation communities that would welcome you posting about your FK favorites include: [community profile] fanart_recs, het_reccers, [community profile] gensplosion, [community profile] recshelf and [community profile] fancake. (Know more FK-friendly rec communities? Tell me about them!)

Archive of our Own (AO3) Summary: 2 of the 689 FK works on the AO3</b> show posting dates in this period. (26 more FK works were actually uploaded in March, but their authors backdated them.)

Meta (Essays, discussion, etc.)

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Amy R.
"Cherry Blossoms" is another of early FK's many excellent episodes, and one of overall FK's very few episodes with genuine "ripped from the headlines" elements. It achieves an outstanding balance and mix of police and vampire storytelling components. It keeps a commanding rein on a number of dynamic themes. And it hands out character insights and banter with deceptive ease.

Recap: This is the episode in which one witness escapes a murder attempt by Hong Kong mobsters. Badly wounded, the witness finds refuge in a warehouse under the eye of an elderly acupuncturist. Nick finds the witness and her protector while Schanke escorts a Chinese-speaking immigration agent. Fearing a mole, Nick secretly brings Natalie to help treat the witness. The elderly acupuncturist misremembers Nick as his mother's murderer, and plans to execute Nick once the witness is safe. Janette helps the acupuncturist recover his true memory of Lacroix as the killer; he lets Nick go. In the end, Natalie happens to enter Nick's loft just as Nick and Janette are in each other's arms.

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Next week: S1E09: "I Will Repay" (IWR)

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Amy R.
26 March 2016 @ 12:23 pm
So I did go ahead and sign up for [community profile] myoldfandom. (1K words or 1 illustration minimum; fandoms ended 10+ years ago.) Sign-ups are open until noon on Monday.

I don't know whether you can see my own particular sign-up slate if you're interested, but everyone can definitely see the overall sign-up summary and requests list. (BTW, apparently sometimes properly nominated characters don't appear in the AO3's sign-up drop-down, per a known bug. I had to write in FK's "Nick Knight" manually.)

I requested FK, D&DC, YB, BSG78 or HL. I offered those plus Ivanhoe. (I regret not nominating Thundarr the Barbarian instead of The Scarlet Pimpernel, because I could have written for the Pimpernel musical, TV series, or any of the movies, but not the original Orczy —death by purple prose! — novels.)

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Amy R.
23 March 2016 @ 10:32 pm
The mod for [community profile] myoldfandom has extended sign-ups until noon on Monday, March 28 (because Easter Triduum observances might interfere with sign-ups for some).

At this time, I see few requests that I could fill, myself: a D&DC request for a no name, no lines, spear-bearer character (sadly, no other options); an HL request that seems to have listed Duncan/Tessa by mistake (the details specify that the requester wants only slash or gen); HL's Richie or Cierdwyn for ArgentumLS (I don't dare offer Duncan or Darius; the requests show that people want what I can't give); and maybe, if I stretch hard, the Tron (1982) request.

I'm still considering playing. But I'm a bit concerned.

I'm starting to think that I should instead see whether people might be up for some sort of mini events. For example, "If Malinaldarose will write me BSG78, I'll write her... something she wants." ;-) Okay, so that's where it always breaks down, at every scale, finding people who can write what the others want to read. I should probably follow PJ's lead...

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Amy R.
"False Witness" (S1E07) (FW) is challenging, uncomfortable at many points, and dearly loved by FK fandom for tidbits ranging from Myra as Skin Pretty saleswoman to Natalie as vintage film aficionado. The episode notoriously differs in every cut. And, airing over a month after its predecessor, it marked the end of the first little hiatus in what would become a series lifetime studded by noteworthy breaks.

Recap: This is the episode in which Nick arrives on the scene of a murder seconds after the fatal shot. The suspect is a notorious trafficker in underage girls whom the police have been trying to bring down for years. Nick lies that he saw the villain pull the trigger. Remembering a trial that convicted an innocent musician of a murder Janette committed, Nick, on the stand, at length tells the truth, and the villain walks free — until Nick solves the case properly, gets a warrant, and brings in both suspects. Further, this is the episode in which Janette learns what happened to Lacroix, and we get the famous King Kong and popcorn scene.

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Next week: S1E08 "Cherry Blossoms" (CB)

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